SAMPAIR CHIROPRACTIC           Dr. Deb Sampair, DC
(408) 394-5487       1460 Koll Circle, Suite C, San Jose, CA 95112
Welcome to Sampair Chiropractic
Dr. Deb Sampair empowers patients to achieve whole body wellness, then they can relax about their health and enjoy their lives.

 How does she do this?

*  Patiently listening for the real symptoms

* Evaluating patient's life style to improve – and eliminate – core causes of symptoms

* Adjusting in the classic style & using new    techniques and tools

* Painlessly breaking up scar tissue 

* Educating patients for their whole life – about   nutrition, exercise and supplement protocols so                                                                 they can make educated choices

Schedule an appointment or a complimentary consultation by calling Dr. Deb Sampair at (408) 394-5487.

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